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Anonymous asked: Seeing all of my your post gives me hope that I to can find someone who will love me to the fullest. Thanks for being awesome!

Oh my gosh thank you so much!

this is why I run this blog to be honest. it really makes my day to see things like this.

Thank you for following and being awesome. good luck bud! and do send pictures when you find the one!

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Anonymous asked: (1/2) about your post for the 10 warning signs - I've only ever dated Asian men, but I don't fetish their culture...I enjoy it a lot, and when they share things with me I try to learn as much as I can, but I don't try to BE them or act like a member

right. so the second bit never came through… that could be tumblr’s fault or you just decided that this was enough. But I’ve waited 2 days and I never ignore questions or submissions.

I don’t think any one ever wants or needs you to try and justify how you’re “not a racist”. Because honestly I think that defining someone as a racist isn’t super useful with our current generation. HOWEVER understanding how someone can be participating in racist belief systems, whether intentionally or not is something that is important. 

If you’re in an interracial relationship, I promise you you’re going to have to be ready to talk about race. you’re going to have to be ready to talk about race with your partner, with your partners parents, your parents, any future children you might have, and pretty much everyone you ever meet. why? because race is a thing. it is. it’s not a biological thing (we’re all human) but it is a historical and sociological thing, which results in hundreds of years of abuse, oppression and dehumanization of people of color.

These warning signs, are real warning signs. they are real things that people of color need to be aware of to not get hurt. They are NOT laws, rules or 1:1 correlative predictors of “bad racist people”, but if you’re checking off a lot of those boxes it might be time to sit down and have a discussion.

You’re a good guy I’m sure, and whomever you date is a lucky person. but know that they might have dated people before you, and they might date people after you, and they might come across someone who isn’t so good. and who is dating someone who is fetishizing them, seeing them as an object or fantasy fulfillment.  

Dating is about learning, sharing and growing with a person. and realizing that that person is an individual not an archetype. This might not be something YOU need to know, but we’ve had people asking about “how they can get into an interracial relationship”, so it is something that others might need to brush up on. 

I want this blog to focus on happy couples, who love each other, and who are loving each other in powerful and dynamic ways outside of the main media message of two white men. not because the love of two white men isn’t beautiful and important, but because ALL love is beautiful and important, and we need to see more of that.